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Are Your Collection Calls Getting Labeled As Spam? Here’s How You Can Avoid Getting Flagged by Caller IDs and Robokillers.

  • icon image Jul 22, 2022
  • icon image Jordan Akins

Caller ID apps have indeed put a leash on robocalls, effectively reducing scams and calls from unauthorized sources. On average, Americans receive 250,000,000 robocalls every weekend, amounting to 2700+ calls per second. Caller ID apps and Robokillers are doing what is needed to be done. Especially since the enforcement of the TRACED (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence) Act, the public and authorities have been armed to detect and block illegal robocalls and scam attempts.

Now that everything seems perfect. Let’s talk about the real issue caused by Caller ID apps and Robokillers. While blocking calls from unauthorized sources may seem like the remedy, many legit calls fail to reach consumers, affecting the growth of a business.

The thing about Caller IDs and Robokillers is that these applications function on the data gathered from their user responses. How a number gets labeled in a Caller ID app depends on how users respond to the call.

Even If the call is legit and has been rejected because it’s a sales attempt by users, a Caller ID can mark it as ‘Spam’, ‘Potentially Spam’, ‘Unauthorized’, etc. Once you have been flagged, the chances of selling over the phone or simply making first contact are lost before you can take them.

How Do You Get Past These Virtual Blockades?

These applications have a bigger impact on the Debt Collection Industry. Caller IDs are the perfect solution for customers who do not want to talk to debt collectors. We know how hard it is to make first contact with the borrower when attempting to collect payment dues. Caller IDs and Robokillers make debt collection way more difficult than it is conventionally.

Let’s take a look at the solutions to this problem:

1- Call Volume –

Experts suggest that maintaining a record of 250 calls or fewer a day – per customer will keep you from getting flagged by a Caller ID app. The best way to determine it is to compare the number of calls you make daily with the number of customers you have. This should give you a clear idea of how many calls you make per customer. You can re-plan your calls accordingly.

2- Paid Service –

Subscribing to a paid service for calling or a solution that labels and verifies your phone calls can help you resolve this issue promptly. Caller IDs and Robokillers do not flag calls verified by a paid solution. Some may consider this process costly, but it is an investment that will help you achieve your goals in the long run.

3- Right Party Contacts –

Let’s go back to the very basics of sales calls. The easiest and most common way of getting flagged by a Caller ID app is by contacting the wrong person. You need to narrow your focus. Casting a wide net over the market may not do the trick in this case. You need to be more precise and know who to call and when to call them.

Why Do You Need A Software Solution To Connect With More Customers Via Calls?

In most cases, borrowers are reluctant to talk to collection agents. Borrowers’ reluctance to communicate with a collection agent makes it almost impossible for them to have the right conversations with the consumers, which will lead to a positive outcome for both parties. It is impossible to formulate the perfect communication technique that wields absolute results.

Reaching voice mail isn’t the end of the line. Voicemails simply mean that the situation demands alternate mediums of communication or technology. Borrowers who don’t respond to debt collectors may be responsive to a virtual agent that empowers them to resolve their delinquent accounts. Especially if the virtual agent has a customized approach for each customer based on their profile and preferred mediums.

How Total CollectR Helps You Achieve Your Goals?

You need to strategically plan your phone calls to make the most out of them. Debt collection poses serious challenges. Failed attempts put more pressure on debt collectors, who already have the stress and burden of achieving performance objectives and avoiding lawsuits.

  • Total CollectR becomes the customer preference. No one wants to talk over the phone with a debt collector, and our platform provides alternative communication channels that your customers prefer.
  • Capable of communicating in more than seven different languages (and languages can easily be added), Total CollectR can connect with your customers in the language that they speak.
  • Time of the day matters. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Total CollectR works to understand the best possible time to get in touch with your customers.

What is Total CollectR?

Total CollectR’s Virtual Agent and Debt Negotiator are as close as you can get to achieving the perfect communication strategy. Our platform connects your customers with the channels they prefer and empowers them to resolve their past-due balances at their convenience. By leveraging AI technology, Total CollectR analyzes and evaluates consumers to plan an effective communication strategy best suited for them.

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