AI-Powered Collector &
Debt Negotiator

Total CollectR is a white-label solution that empowers customers to resolve delinquent accounts using the communication channels they prefer. Leveraging next-generation artificial intelligence, our platform can help improve the customer experience, increase cash collections, and reduce costs.



It is often more of a challenge connecting with customers than it is collecting from them. Total CollectR eliminates this problem by communicating with your customers on the channels they prefer. The entire customer journey is tailored to your customer, increasing the odds of an account recovery.

From Start to Finish

Handle The Entire Lifecycle

Total CollectR was built from the ground up to handle the complete collections account lifecycle for many different business verticals. Our platform can work with many types of accounts without limitations.


Total CollectR Features

We offer more features than any collection solution on the market. We listen to our customers and routinely add new features based on this feedback. We want you to have the latest tools at your fingertips.


Reduce Fraud

Reduce chargebacks with advanced fraud prevention safeguards.



Engage your customers on the communication channels that they prefer.


Payment Methods

Provide customers who are underbanked with multiple payment methods.


Next-Generation AI

Make data-driven decisions by leveraging artificial intelligence.



Eliminate language barriers by connecting with your customers in their language.


Responsive Design

Customers can access our system on the devices they prefer.


Secure Payment Processing

Connected to your existing payment processor for secure payment handling.


Be more Compliant

Increase compliance with the FDCPA, TCPA, UDAAP, and other regulations.


No Overtime

Ready to serve your customers on their terms. Available at any hour of any day.


White Label Solution

Customize the customer experience down to the smallest detail.


Reduce Collection Costs

The most cost-effective collection attempt your organization can make.


Chatbot support

Chatbot support to look into your queries and guide you through our system.

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Total CollectR is an add-on system that integrates with your existing loan management solution to intelligently automate one of the most challenging and costly aspects of any financial services business.

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