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Three Debt Management Best Practices To Increase Debt Recovery Success

  • icon image Sep 06, 2022
  • icon image Jordan Akins
Debt Management

Controlling the financial budget is perhaps the greatest responsibility for a business. The post-pandemic era demands small lenders and other financial institutions re-assess their current financial situation to survive in the long run. The only way to fix the present inflated financial market is to control bad debt by implementing better debt management and debt recovery strategies. The most severely affected by bad debt are small lending services like PPP loans, Auto loans, home loans, and even banks.

According to the Office of Management and Budget (Whitehouse), revenue generated from taxes amounted to only $4.05 trillion compared to the overall expense of $6.82 trillion in 2021. Like every company strives to clear off its debt, businesses that provide loans are often indebted when they fail to manage and recover their dues. In a way, debt isn’t a burden for the borrowers but lenders too.

Let’s take a look at some debt management best practices that will help your business thrive.     

Here Are Three Debt Management Best Practices That Will Help You To Increase Debt Recovery Success:

Following are the three best debt management practices to help you to take control of your company’s financial future. Remember, these small steps will help you prevent management crises in the future.

Note: The Saving and Loan Crisis of 1990 is a classic example of a management crisis. Over 1000 financial institutions, mainly banks, stopped functioning after losing assets of over $500 billion due to bad loans, improper accounting, real estate investment irregularities, and illegal activities.

1. Keep an eye on your business budget –

Keep a close tab on your sources of income, expenses, investments, extra charges, and detailed information on your overall profits and losses. If you utilize this information well, you can save extra money to manage collection deficits and avoid credit crunches. That’s not all! You can evaluate this information to look for gaps in your collection strategy. So, before you think about better ways to collect more debt, plan how to manage it well.

2. You need a better approach –

No way of sugarcoating this one! You need to come up with a debt collection strategy to collect more at lesser costs. In the post-pandemic period, debt recovery is harder than it ever was, and many in the accounts receivables & management industry are shifting towards digital debt collection. Labor shortages, cost to collect, and compliance violations are three challenges you have to overcome to increase debt recovery success. You can now get a virtual collector and debt manager to tackle all three problems head-on.

3. Review all outstanding payment dues and delinquent accounts –

Before you can work out the best strategy to increase your debt recovery success, you need to analyze the financial position of your business. The best approach is to review all outstanding debt accounts and categorize them as good and bad. Once you have a list of good loans and bad loans, you can prioritize them and start with accounts you can recover from quickly. Bad debt recovery often takes up a lot of time and resources but is hardly collectible.

A Modern Approach To Debt Collection And Management

Our virtual collector can deliver the best results at a fraction of the cost. An AI-Powered virtual platform for debt collection and management can function without supervision and handle the entire collection lifecycle smoothly. What sets a Virtual Collector apart is its capability to handle an unlimited workload, function flawlessly in your absence, and help you drastically reduce extra expenses. Get Total CollectR now!

Three Reasons Why You Need Total CollectR?

– Total CollectR puts the customer in control of the collection process. The idea is to make customers feel empowered to resolve their accounts. Our platform provides alternative communication channels for your customers of preference at the right time.

– TotalCollectR provides the correct options to the right customers. Our platform is known for its accessibility. It is easy for customers to resolve their past due balances. TotalCollectR. Our platform keeps things simple instead of adding complexity to the collection process.

– We know that customers do not want to provide payment information over the phone, especially if your phone number appears as a “Scam Likely” on their Caller ID. Total CollectR offers our customers a secure outlet to resolve their balances.

Get It Now!

Resolving a collection account using traditional methods is costly for both the customer and the debt collector. TotalCollectR is a modern solution that redefines the debt collection process. Our solution is capable of delivering maximum results at minimum expense. Visit the Total CollectR website to learn more or if you would like a demo of our digital solution, click here.

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