Total CollectR’s visit to Money 20/20

  • icon image Nov 04, 2022
  • icon image Jordan Akins

Over 15000 attendees from over 3000 leading fintech companies with 6000+ meetings, all under one roof. That’s how big Money 20/20 was this year. When it comes to industry leaders sharing their thoughts and experience, Money 20/20 is the beating heart of the entire fintech and financial services.

The convention has but one goal, to help each attendee find their community in this ocean of rising and prominent finance and fintech companies. Money 20/20 is the place and the stage for entrepreneurs in the finance industry to boast about their ideas, innovations, and struggles to stand out among the giants that rule over the fintech and finance industry.

The Key themes for Money 20/20 this year were as follows:

– Risk Management and Compliance Continue to be a Top Priority
– Embedded Finance Takes Center Stage
– Open Banking / Data Privacy Regulation is Inevitable
– Commerce and Payments continue to comingle
– Web3 and DeFi Use Cases Are Maturing
– CBDC and Stablecoins: No Longer the New Hype

Team Total Collector had an incredible experience at Money 20/20! This year, we knew what to do, and it started with having a killer booth and a huge team to meet with customers, prospects, and partners. Our goal was a simple one. We wanted to show the world how we are changing the world of automation one day at a time and with it, the ARM industry.

What better stage to showcase the result of our tireless efforts if not Money 20\20?

Every session at Money 20/20 emphasized the fact that leadership is an obligation, an honor, and a privilege at the same time. What truly inspired us were the ever-energetic leaders walking the walk, dealing with issues in running a 15,000-person mega event while teaching-nurturing two cohorts of 50 people, providing them an opportunity to observe, participate and learn.

Here’s what Kim Massey, our Chief Revenue Officer, had to say,

“It was fun for everyone who engaged and invested time in learning how automation is changing the world! To our competitors who stopped by and shared their excitement about our vision! Nothing but class and respect to you all. Here’s a glimpse of our week. We started with the Sensation Kickoff Party and ended with a celebration Dinner at Giada’s. When your work family is so much fun, it doesn’t feel like work at all.”

Money20/20 has solidified its position since 2012 as the leading global stage where industry-leading companies come together to share their knowledge and amplify their mission and vision for the Fintech and Financial Services Industry. Money 20/20 unites the Payments, Banking, Fintech, and Financial Services communities and creates new and disruptive ways to move, manage, spend, recover, and borrow money.

Money20/20 was founded to break the stereotypes anchored in snoozefest business conferences and to design unparalleled experiences built for the Payment and Fintech industry. It was founded by veterans from the Payments and Fintech industry-leading companies like Google, TSYS, and Citi.

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